Peerless Lee Price – St. Louis, Missouri Missouri


This is Peerless Lee Price. This snagged tooth bastard has been cheating on women right under their noses. He gets women that are too stupid to see past his bs and don’t bother to check on his background. So let me spill the tea. First things first, he lied about his age! He claimed he is only 44, but after doing some digging around on him, I have things that said he is 47. Secondly, He tells everyone he is related to the football player Peerless Price, but found out that dude doesn’t know a damn thing about him, and they are from TWO DIFFERENT families. Thirdly, he started dating a woman (Who I am close with and rather keep nameless) around 2016. While dating her, he was sleeping with and living with another woman on the side. Who was that other woman? His ex-wife. Yes, this guy was sleeping around with his ex-wife while he was having sex with other women. And lastly, after cutting things off with his ex-wife, he moved in with his current girlfriend, BUT… IS STILL HAVING SEX WITH 2 OTHER CHICS FROM WORK! One of the women know that Peerless is in a relationship, and the other one believes that he actually loves her. So if you are anywhere in St. Louis or East St. Louis watch out for this snaggel tooth! He’s a snake!

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