Pegasus Data Software – Wavene Infotech Pte Ltd Review


It was called a windows software security for my computer. He said my computer was hacked and they needed to clean up my computer so others wouldn’t be harmed by my computer not being protected. I paid 199.00 dollars to have this, but felt uneasy about it. I went to the bank and they said it was a scam, that windows wouldn’t do this. I filed a report with them. I did give this company my bank account # my last4 digits of my SS and may have given them my drivers license #. The bank is working on getting my money back and a new bank card. I want the BBB to be aware and check to see if my records show any wrong doings. I feel so stupid! Can you help me? The company name was Wavene InfoTech. He said they were located in California.

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