Penobscot Job Corps. Acadamy Bangor Maine


Complaint: I am currently a resident of Penobscot Job Corps. Academy located here in Bangor, Maine. Yes, the idea behind this place is an amazing one however the way that they are carrying it out, is dispicable. They’re staff members (The ones who are supposed to be here to help us succeed) are irrational, power hungry, sexist, racist, pigs. A couple of the security guards have slept with students, one has even been inpregnated not to mention the fact that she’s a minor. Two Residential Advisors (one has been demoted) have been caught stealing EXPENSIVE electronics, controlled prescribed substances, and personal care packages. One R.A. inpartiular has been observed (by residents) carrying on sexual activities with their male residents in their office. It was reported and an investigation is STILL pending. Has anything been done aboyt this? Absolutely not. Their Wellness Department is the farthest atmosphere from being educated. One example for instance, I had taken one young man to them to seek medical attention. He had gotten into an altercation with a brick building out of built up anger ftom being harrassed by fellow peers abd he had fractured two of his fingers and snapped his wrist. Do you want to know what these lovely ladies did for this young man? THEY GAVE HIM A COUGH DROP and sent him back to class… No, that is not an exaggeration nor is it a joke. Trust me, I wish it was.Health & Cleanliness: I have been here for roughly eleven months and since I have been here there have been SEVERAL reoccuring incidences of insect infestations, to include: Bed Bugs, c**k Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Head Lice, Scabies (Mites), Crabs, and other parasitic mites. They have taken several precautions to make sure that they do not return however they hire cheap and half-assed exterminators such as Orcan and Belgrade.Not to mention the fact that they come up with these odd bull reason as to why you can’t receive your completion check.I am not looking to get this place shut down, however recognition enough so that this all gets fixed.They profile our darker skinned students, even our most respectful non-thuglike students. For example: One student was simply walking by with his headphones on and one of our security guards immediately snatched his headphones out of his ears and said “This MUSIC is NOT appropriate ‘homie’””… He was listening to Brittney Spears…”

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Address: 1375 Union Street Bangor, Maine United States of America


Phone: 207 990 3000

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