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Complaint: I purchased a month to month subscription plan for this background check service for use in our company’s hiring routine. After using it for 1 month, I called and cancelled it. continued to bill us for 2 whole years! Instead of paying $20 for one month, we’ve paid almost $500! I didn’t notice it because our accounting department thought I was still using it. I thought it was cancelled and we were not being billed anymore. I am not in accounting and do not review the bills. When the accounting department asked me about it I was shocked it was still being billed. I called Peoplefinders and asked them about it. They told me I never cancelled it. I refuted and told them this must be a mistake. Kristin, their supervisor told me I was wrong and If I had cancelled it, I would have a cancellation confirmation number. This I did not have. I said to cancel everything and they did and were “kind”” enough to give me $60 back for my trouble. I told Kristin this is a scam and she should be ashamed to work at such a company that illegally charges former customers that try to cancel. I was now angry and waiting for my cancellation confirmation via email. 15 minutes later

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Address: no confirmation email. I called back and asked where was this cancellation email. I was told does not send out a cancellation confirmation email unless requested. Well this furthered my hypothesis that I did cancel it and since I did not request a cancellation confirmation email

Website: illegal billing but now she has to go to the owner of to see what can be done about the 1st year of illegal billing. She informed me that due to the credit card laws/ agreement I only have 1 year to dispute the charges and it might be hard to get the 1st year of illegal billing back. She told me this is unprecedented and the worst case she has ever seen. I am skeptical of that. I need the BBB to stand with me and against on this unjust

Phone: I could not have the cancellation confirmation number I was just asked for. I called back and asked to talk to another supervisor. Jennifer Garcia

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