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In mid-January we signed a $27,500 contract to replace 23 windows in our house, and paid $13,250 up front toward materials. In early April the sales guy told us the windows were finished and ready for installation, and we made our first appointment in mid-April for the installation. When no one showed up, we rescheduled – and waited, rescheduled – and waited. We heard from their scheduler that they didn’t have enough money to pay for delivery of the windows. This company is going down. In May the sales guy said that he and all of the sales and marketing staff had been laid off, and we heard rumors (unverified) that they were also failing to pay their installers. In late May, their CCB license was suspended due to lack of liability insurance or a bond, though it was reinstated 3 weeks later in mid-June. In June we went with the scheduler to see the completed windows, but the scheduler was unable to say when he could reschedule, and we were unable to contact the owner to get a firm date for the install. Since July all certified letters we sent to their address have been returned to us. Their offices are closed and empty, and the landlord has told us that there were a pile of certified letters on the floor.In August we initiated a complaint with the CCB, which has moved into the enforcement section, and joins half a dozen other disputes under investigation, and one that has resulted in an order to pay $5000. No sign of this distress is evident on their web site. The good news is that the contract the sales guy wrote up included an approximate completion date of 10 weeks after we signed the contract – one element of a good contract. The contract also specifies number, measurements, and features of the windows, such as 2×3 grid pattern. We are concerned because it doesn’t specify materials, such as manufacturer name and model #. Do not enter into contracts with this company that requires any deposits “for materials””

as they won’t necessarily use your money to pay for your order. Do make sure that materials are specified on any contractor contracts

as recommended by the CCB.”

7326 N Chicago Ave Portland, Oregon United States of America

(503) 312-

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