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Complaint: I wanted to let you know of the past four disappointing experiences I have had with this particular Pep Boys location. I haven been a customer for over one year, ever since I moved back home and my father recommended this store. Approximately 6 weeks ago, (Sept. 6), I went in to have my car checked out, knowing that a repair might be needed, as my check engine light was on. Israel said that the diagnostic report showed two probelms, but one problem could be fixed for ~$50. They stated the second part of the report could have been triggered by the first problem, and they woulnd’t know unitl they repaired it what exactly was going on. Israel said that the second problem showing up was the catalytic converter. He said that to replace the whole system would cost ~$700, but that to replace the one faulty part, would cost ~$100 for the part. I asked them to go ahead and order the part they had quoted at approximately $50; Israel said they would call me when it came in. That was on a Tuesday (Sept. 20). Two weeks later, on a Tuesday, I called back as I had heard nothing from them. I spoke with Israel again, and he said he told me he would check on the price, that he never said he would order it. That was a blatant lie. Regardless, why didn’t he call with the price? He said he could have the part there the next morning, and ordered it after hanging up with me. I was unable to go to the shop on Wednesday, so I went that Thursday (Sept. 22). They said to have my car inspected, as the report was reset when they did the first small repair, I had to drive 60 miles. I drove over sixty miles, and went back the following day, on Friday (Sept. 23). My check engine light had not come back on. I called in advance that afternoon, to ensure that soemone was there who could do the inspection. When I arrived, Spencer said they had no one there at the moment, but they were expecting someone to come in for their shift in about 15 minutes. I sat down to wait. About one hour later, an older woman came in to the store. She had an appointment for an inspection, the same as I did, and they told her Pedro was a no call/no show. They offered to find another place that could do the inspection for her that night. She agreed, and they called and made an appointment elsewhere for her. Spencer then came over to where I was sitting, and told me Pedro wasn’t coming in that night. He said I could come back the next morning. Why wasn’t I offered the same courtesy as the other woman? Was it because I didn’t have an appointment, that I wasn’t considered a customer to be treated the same way? I asked about an appointment for Saturday morning, and he said that it wasn’t needed, that even with an appointment, it was first come, first served. On Saturday morning (Sept. 24), two blocks from away from the repair shop, my check engine light came back on. If Pedro had shown up, and done the inspection, or if Spencer had offered me an appointment elsewhere, as he did with the other customer, that would not be a problem. However, now I had a check engine light that indicated a costly repair, and an inspection to be done. I continued to the shop, where Tony said he could reset the check engine light for me again, to see if driving sixty miles again, and coming in again for the inspection after, would work. Unfortunately, the check engine light flicked back on, as I was driving to work an hour later. I called and spoke to Tony again, and he said he would find out how much exactly it would cost for the part, and when he could have it in. I called back over one week later (Oct. 4), and asked to speak to Tony. He said he would call me back with the information. That was around 9:00 a.m. Around 7:00 p.m. that same day, I called back as I had heard nothing from them. They said that Tony had left for the day, took my information (name, number, and nature of call), and said they would have him call me back the next day (Oct. 5). I called back Oct. 12, and Tony was unavailable. Same thing. Today is Oct. 17. I called back, again, as I had (again) heard nothing. I spoke with Tony, and he said he lost my information, but he could look up the information for the part right away. If this was so easy, why couldn’t they have looked this up on a prior call? He stated that the one part (not the whole system) was $390. This did not match what Israel had told me (I realize that his quotes were an approximation, yet ~$100 is far from $390). I am disgusted with the rudeness and treatment I have been given. I put up with this circus, because until September of this year, I have had amazing customer service form this location (from the manager Tony, on down to Israel, Spencer, and the other regular employees), with zero problems. I had always been treated with kindness and courtesy, often with the employees going above and beyond what was required. These past two months do not match this at all.

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Address: Charlotte, North Carolina United States of America


Phone: 1-800-737-2697

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