Pep Boys rowland hts. ca


Complaint: On saturday 04/27/02 my car was having starting problems. I took my battery to be tested at a local auto parts dealer. The battery proved to be faulty. So i bought a new one! we drove the car all day saturday. that evening the car would not start again! i thought maybe the new battery was bad, so i returned it to the dealer and it checked out ok. i was advised that probally my alternator was bad and it should be checked. i sent my daughter to the local pep boys #676 so they could check its voltage output. they told my daughter, after checking it, “that it wasn’t(remember this statement) putting out enough volts and that i would need a new one””. she bought a remanufactured alternator from them. i installed it on the car sunday morning 04/28/02. we drove the car all day sunday. monday morning 04/29/02 my wife drove my girls to school

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Address: and the car died! it wouldn’t start for anything! i then had it towed to my chevy dealer to have an diagnostic test done

Website: they brought me one from an other store. when it arrived i asked them to check it

Phone: they told me my alternator was bad! i returned it to the pep boys

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