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Complaint: I went to Pepboys Auto on Thursday 6/28/07 to buy my grandson a motorcycle as a birthday gift. They had one that I like and it was on sale plus a rebate of $50.00. I told the clerk that I would take it. The clerk then told me that there was a $29.99 dollar charge to be added to the price for dealer prep to cover getting the bike ready for delivery which included checking oil, gas, brakes, cables and so on. I told the clerk that I could take care of that myself and did not want to pay the additional $29.99 He then told me that if I took the bike with out allowing them to perform the pre delivery there would be no warranty. I later found out from Baha motorsports that that was not the case,Baha motorsports warranty’s the bike not Pepboys. Dealer prep has nothing to do with the warranty. Well, after they perform the pre delivery they helped me load the bike in my truck. I was planing on give it to my grandson on Saturday so I just left it in the truck until Saturday morning At which time I had a friend help me unload it. I wanted to take it for a ride around my house before letting my grandson on it, just to see how it runs. I got on it, started it ,put it in gear and tool off. I went about 25 feet when I had to make a right turn to go between my car and fence. When I turned the throttle stuck wide open the bike took off out from under me I held on to it trying to hit the kill switch. With the bike bouncing between the car, fence and ground I finally was able to put my thumb on the kill switch and get it shout down. The incident had caused damage to my car, yard, fence and broke the fenders on the motorcycle. Now, I am a competent motorcycle rider and mechanic. I have rode bikes sense I was 12. and currently have three bikes a 350cc Honda Trail bike a 500cc Honda race bike and a 1340cc Harley road bike. So I have a pretty good Ideal how to ride. Well, I called Pepboys and told them what had happened and that I wanted them to fix the bike. they gave me the name of a mechanic and told me to take the bike there to have it looked at but said all they would take care of was the throttle and only if the mechanic found it faulty. I complained that they had charged me a $29.99 pre delivery charge to check the bike out before I took delivery and it should have not malfunctioned and they should be responsible. they said they were not. I called the mechanic and he said he need authorization from Baha to perform any warranty work so I called Baha motorsports. They said that they would only pay for the throttle cable and only the cable if it were found faulty. and that’s when I found that Pep boys had lied to me about the warranty and pre delivery. Baha told me to fax them the information on the bike and they would call me the next day to tell me where to take the bike for repairs. I waited a couple days for there call and they never called. I called them again , got a different representative this time and re explained the deal to him, his name was Aaron. He said Baha was not responsible but he was willing to help me out. Sail they would fix the cable and sell me the damaged parts for %50 discount. I agreed. Aaron the told me to fax the info. on the bike to him at Baha and he would call me the next day with the information I needed to get the bike fixed. I waited several days for his call. He never called. I again called Baha, got a different rep and again explained my situation. This time the lady I was trying to communicate with would not listen, told me Aaron could not authorized to do that and they would do nothing for me except the cable if it were found faulty by there mechanic. Said that they never call customers, incoming calls only and refused to let me speak to Aaron. I then called Pepboys public relations office and filed a complaint. They said they would call me back within 24 hours. They never called. I have called them and left message for them to call me and have never heard anything. Obviously these company’s care nothing about their customers once they have your money. I will never go there again. Larry West Valley City, UtahU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on PepBoys

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Address: 2040 West 3500 South West Valley CITY, Utah U.S.A.


Phone: 801-972-5550

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