Pepboys (MO) marietta Georgia


Complaint: MO or MOhomid what ever his name is works at pepboys on Austell rd in austell Ga. if he dont like you he will damage you car and lie , that it came in to shop that way he and i know it did not come in to shop with a wheel nut twisted off . he lied so i would not come back with complants on there work MO wil soon be looking for fort a job he will run off too many people. i have had work done at this store for several years and it has been ok till this MO got in charge i dont know why a big company would keep a person like MO i will be back as soon as you (MO) gone Forest marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Austell Rd Austell, Georgia U.S.A.



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