Perfumax Review


In my desparate search to find Escape Bath Gel by Calvin Klien, I was thrilled when I found it at Perfumax. I ordered three bottles and eagerly awaited them to be delivered. By the second week I realized they weren’t coming. I tried to contact the company and could only leave a message with a rep that knew nothing. I asked for a tracking number and no one would give it to me. I tried to dispute the transaction on Paypal and found that they close them out and you can’t escalate or re-file. I missed it by ONE day. The seller NEVER responded. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE. This company is clearly someone selling off items from their basement. So angry. Luckily, I used my credit card, so there is still hope to recoup my 64 dollar loss. Caveat emptor.


  • Name: Perfumax
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Address: PO Box 191213
  • Phone: 18007897373
  • Website:

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