Peter Alvarez-Depasquale – Wellington, Florida Florida


This deadbeat divorced his FIRST wife while she was pregnant wit their daughter and had a 6 month old son. This low life balding dead beat scum refused to pay child support, acknowledge their children , and denied them. He paid off the judges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania so they would not order him to take DNA tests. He made his FIRST wife drop out of college and she did nothing but help him. He wouldn’t have anything today if it wasn’t for her. She helped him get his GED because he was too stupid to get it on hi own and she made him sign up for the army national guard because this guy was a real bum before he met her and he ruined her life. She had to give up her daughter for adoption because she could not afford to take care of both children and she wanted them to have wonderful lives. And if that’s not bad enough, He and his truly wacko, wack job family put her in prison on trumped up charges and took her away from her son and he took his sons only parent away since he was a deadbeat a chose not to be involved nor pay support. His FIRST wife’s family had to raise their son with out any help from that asswipe!this bastard moved from new Jersey to wellington, Florida. Where he now lives. And he is still in the army national guard there and works for comcast there, also. He does not deserve any respect just because he’s in the army national guard because he’s a bum ass bastard deadbeat. What I don’t understand is how he has the audacity to be in the army national guard and help total strangers but won’t help his two firstborn children. A bum like that deserves no respect. Then he married some ugly bleach blonde bimbo cunt twat who shaves off her eyebrows only to draw them back on,( who does that?). Weirdo. Her name is Lucy Depasquale, check out her facebook page. She looks like a transsexual. He isn’t even handsome and is going bald, check out his photo. You can see his scalp threw the few hairs he has left. Somebody throw that jackass some rogaine, please. Now they have a three year old, who’s almost four, who has down syndrome. God don’t like ugly. What goes around comes around. And if that isn’t enough, they even went bankrupt recently. See, you reap what you sow. This dirtball deadbeat deserves every horrible thing that comes his way after what he did to his FIRST wife and their two children. He’s a ugly dust bucket and a deadbeat bum!

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