Petersen Games Review


I watched their kickstarter and opted to do their 100$ kickstarter, however the time frame passed and their support staff said you can preorder the books to support and eventually the special edition will be up there. Cool I thought. So I preordered their new cthulhu-mythos-for-pathfinder normal and the special back in February as it said it will be shipping in July. I check back in April and the month changes to August. No communication at all. | I understand things get back logged. I am a huge fan of the cthulthu mythos and I have alot of petersen games gaming books. However, not only do they not answer any inquiry or status, nor do they notify you that the shipment date has changed. This is one of those companies that loves to be silent and not tell anyone, especially someone who has spent over 140 dollars in books (already charged plus shipping). | The least they can do is answer one message. Instead, it’s sit in silence, as their support department doesn’t do anything.


  • Name: Petersen Games
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
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