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today my account with this site was shut down with no reason given I have messaged them many times But I read the reviews on line for this site and lots of people are having their account closed no reason And they say they are complaining tro the site itself for weeks as to WHY and get NO reply from them I have been a client of this site over a decade and had no problems until now They did ask about my toy poodle puppy ads and did I have a council licence I rang the council who said no as in UK you need to breed 6 litters a year before you need a licence I do one or two in my messages to them I said check your records I dont need a licence as I only advertise with you up to 2 times a year bar one stud dog which doesnt count as its litters of puppies up over 6 a year I told them to check their records on my account which they state on their site they keep detailed records of each client so all they need to do for the licencde is to check my ads They have even banned my one stud dog advert not even puppies I had terrible problems with a woman who bought a puppy from me she came here today with men I had to call the emergancy police this is all logged in my messages to the UK pets4homes so I wont repet it everything that is needed are in my messages to them I have offered any type of proof they like on whatever is the problem with my account and I suggested my account may be hacked as my bank and emails are hacked Its the fact that on reviews a lot of people have their accounts closed are are syaing online that this site wont get back to you no matter how many times you message one review said when she replied to a ordinary message they had sent her she asked why they had contacted her and in one hour her account was banned just for asking why I have been a cliengt over a dcade no one has ever complained except tho sheer malic or hacking my account After reading the reviews of this site online it seems pointless to messgae them thro the site because all lhe reviews say they never answer even weeks later I have messaged them years ago very simple question and yes I never ever got a reply even now 4 years later really its very poor indeed my name is elizabeth king email [protected] address 128 elford crescent plympton Pl7 4bu Devon UK I would like my account reinstated any inspection of my home is very welcome and I can provide proofs that I am no breeder tho breeders are allowed I am a hobby breeder one or two litters a year its all on their records in UK my ads are for KC reg PRA clear red toy poodle stud and toy poodle puppies (seperate ads) I suppose with 1000s of dogs on their site closing people account makes little difference to pets4homes but to people like me a hobby there is nowwhere to advertise I dont have a website or anhything I am very disipointed with this terrible treatment of me after decade of good conduct and im not alone the different reviews sites are full of people baffled as to why their accounts are closed with no reasons given I am a OAP old lady and am disabled with MS plus much more and house bound so the dogs are now the only thing left to distract me in the house 247 I have utterly no family in the uk although I have disabled badges for car I can rearly get out also I have very poor vision and cant really watch TV any more I do have the PC and have it set on 160 magnification so I can see that thank you for your help Elizabeth

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