Phaze 2 Bellmore New York Review


My husband and I were approached by two women in Roosevelt Field Mall a few weeks ago. They said they were a modeling agency and liked how our 1 year old looked. I asked if they had a website and they hesitated but said they can place her in ads. We only gave an email and phone number. A woman called twice two weekends in a row. We picked up the 2nd time and came in, figuring, hey, if they think our daughter has a shot then let’s see – can’t do any harm, right? Wrong. nWe arrived on the 7th floor around other hopeful moms and dads, probably many of who took off from work to be there with their children. We waited almost 2 hours. nWe were greeted by the “President Michael Fulfree”” who said he wanted us to go directly into the “”callback”” room

so already making us feel “”special”” (In reality he was choosing people who LOOKED like maybe they had money to shell out). He asked if we needed food or drinks and said he definitely wanted to see our daughter. He came across as genuine — this is the work of a slick liar

and we are not easily fooled

either. nHe said he eliminates the middle man

that he provides 3 series of headshots

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