Phil Cousineau phil you know where i am Florida


Complaint: Phil Cousineau is living a lie. He illegally stole marital assets from his first wife. He STILL owes her for the furniture he has stolen from her and the Company assets from Countywide Appraisal (another stolen marital asset). He has shown that he is incapable of running Countywide Appraisal without cheating someone or breaking the State rules. His license has been suspended TWICE. He was unable to pass his licensure exam without assist…and the person he got the help from he abused and stole from. He is living with his wife who slep with him while he was still married. They both hurt an innocent person and have shown no remorse. He has lied to the police, a judge, the State Appraisal Board. He will find a way to lie to anyone who he can see is gullibe. He should NOT be trusted for or in any business transactions. He will lie even after agreeing to a contract. He lies about his history- he used drugs and sold them to kids (he’d probably STILL be selling but his girlfriend, when she found out, made him to stop); he did not complete legitly Tampa College- he cheated his way through by going into the school when his parents were working as the night janitors. Why would anyone trust a person who has made it this far in life based on LIES and STEALING…this is Phil Cousineau, married to the equally capable at lying and stealing Kris Cousineau. Please use a different Appraiser, Notary, or Pack and Send…there are more credible, honest, and trustworthy businesses in the Pinellas/Pasco/Hillsborough areas. PLEASE DO NOT use any business owned or operated by Phil or Kris Cousineau

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Address: 1827 Elmhurst Drive Clearwater, Florida USA


Phone: 727-532-0200

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