We are a group of doctors who booked a charter from Fort Lauderdale airport to Cape Haitian in Haiti to do relief work. When we showed up for the flight there was no aircraft. After much haggling we were provided seats on Spirit Airlines. This flight took us to Port o Prince miles and miles from our destination. We had paid in excess of 10 thousand dollars for this trip and we had to pay out a lot of money to get all of our relief supplies on to Spirit Airlines. After we returned one of our group visited Philip Andronicos in his office and asked for the difference between what we had sent him and what he spent on tickets which was substantial. Be reminded that we had to pay a lot of money to get our supplies on board Spirit.Philip had a lot of our money and when we asked for it our friend and representative was thrown out of his office.We have tried repeatedly to get satisfaction from this man, to no avail. We have retained counsel and have filed a formal complaint with the DOT in Washington D.C.We have done a lot of research on this man and have found out there never was a plane. If you go to his website it says he is starting service on Nov 15 to Haiti and other destinations. If you go to and type in both names you will found out a lot. Philip Andronicos and Phillip Andronicos as he goes by both. He has no airplane and yet he is announcing service just like he did with us and he is trying to sell tickets in Haiti. THIS MAN IS A FRAUD ON EVERY LEVEL AND PRETENDS AND FABRICATES EACH AND EVERY STORY AS NEEDED. IF YO HAVE LOST MONEY EITHER ON TICKETS OR CHARTERS OR EMPLOYMENT PROMISES PLEASE CONTACT THE D.O.T. IN WASHINGTON D.C. AS THEY HAVE AN ACTIVE CASE FILE OPEN

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