Photograph Restoration Complaint


Chamberlain Restoration is a complete fraud. He initially comes off as knowing what he is doing, but in reality, he is just a con. He provides you with a pre-paid FedEx envelope and that is where the fraud begins. My daughter found him on the internet and sent him some old family photos to be restored as surprise for me. After he received them, he then gave her the quote for the work. She was shocked at the prices for the 3 small pictures she sent him to be restored. He told her he would not do the work until he received a check for half of what the total would be. He wanted $400.00 to do minimum restoration on one 5×7 with a small tear in the middle. To make the cost more affordable, talked us into a 50% restore. Not knowing exactly what this meant, he said the picture would look perfect just not as dark and crisp as a 100% restore. For this he charged us $200. He also supposedly did a 70% restore of one 4×6 photo for $150.00 and 100% restore of one 4×4 for $100.00 that just needed to be darkened a little as the photo was not that old. The total came to over $450.00 for the most inferior work I have ever seen. After seeing the finished pictures, my son called Mark and let him know how disappointed we were with his work. We let him know that the 70% restore of my mom no longer had any value because he made it look like a ghoulish and unsettling representation of her. My son told him that he uses photo shop quite a bit and it looked to him like he just photo shopped two right eyes onto her face. He admitted that is what he did. He said he did restore the rest of the picture though. He said we only paid for a 70% restore and if we wanted her face to be complete, we would have to pay him $300.00 more and he would fix her face. For him to have restored the rest of the photo and not the face, and then to tell us it would be an additional $300.00 to finish the job is so horrible and unethical. The 50% restore of the 4×6 that had a small tear in the middle was also horrible. He only took a brown marker and filled in the tear so now instead of a tear in an old sepia tone photo, it”s a photo with a brown spot in the middle. It looks ridiculous. He did nothing else to the photo for $200.00. I have to question the intelligence of having done anything at all because it would have looked better to simply leave the damage rather than make the center of the image look like an anachronistic cartoonish anomaly. He is, after all, in the business of making photos look better right? This picture is not at all what he explained to us that it would be. Also, he admitted that he took the 100% restore of the 4×4 photo and just took a picture of it and printed it on 4×6 paper. It too looked ridiculous with a one inch white border on both sides of the photo for $100.00. We contacted him again and tried to get him to explain why he doesn”t post prices on his web site. Why he doesn”t send proofs of the pictures before you have to pay in full for them. We never got to see the finished product before we paid for them. You have to pay by check and he waits for the check to clear before he sends you the supposedly restored photos. You basically have no recourse. We paid a ridiculous amount of money for special family photos that look so horrible, they no longer have any value. I would never put these pictures out for anyone to see. When we took exception to the appearance of my mom in the 70% restore photo, he informed us that if we wanted a full restore, it would cost an additional $300.00. We said to him based on that number, the total restore should have cost $450.00. Now the $150.00 we paid is only 33% of that number, so it sounds like either, you”re trying to rip us off now by quoting an inflated price for the remainder of the work or you actually only did 33% of the work up front and ripped us off from the start. He had no response. Clearly, he”s not even confident with his own work as he demands money up front and doesn”t offer proofs like any other professional would. If you value your family photos and you work hard for your money, don”t waste your memories and your hard work on Mark Chamberlain. He is a fraud and a con. Anyone who is proud of the work they do, would do anything to make things right with their customers. He is only interested in your money, not your photos or your memories.

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