Phuong “Jenny” Le – Pensacola, Florida Florida


My husband had a month long affair with this woman from June 2017- July 2017. She knew my husband was married with 3 children with our youngest child being only a year old at the time. I do blame my husband just as much as I blame her, but she knew I wanted to reconcile with my husband because my husband told me that the two of them would talk about it. She would do anything to make sure my husband wouldn’t change his mind on working things out with me. She has caused so much heartache for myself and my children. My children just wanted their parents and family back together and she made it hard!!! She was very manipulative and lied about having illnesses, so she could gain sympathy from my husband. My husband also gave her more than 500.00 during the relationship as well. I think the only reason she was with my husband is for money. She was also married at the time with a child too. She has taken a lot away from me and my children, so I wanted people to know who she truly is. When my husband tried to break it off with her, she claimed that she thought she was pregnant. I don’t know if she was just saying that to manipulate my husband into staying with her and leaving me. My husband and I have been trying to fix our marriage since this all happened and it has been one difficult road! I feel like has taken a lot away from me!

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