Phuong “Jenny” Le -Pensacola, Florida Florida


This woman thought it was ok to engage in a sexual relationship with my husband. She knew my husband was married with 3 children and at the time she was married with a child as well. I blame my husband just as much as I blame her for all of my heartache and my children’s heartache. She is very manipulative and would do anything to get money out of my husband. When my husband finally realized what he was doing was wrong, she freaked out on him and didn’t want to end the relationship. She then preceded to tell him that she thought she was pregnant. When the relationship started, she told my husband that she was a cancer survivor and she also said she had other illnesses that prevented her from getting pregnant. Apparently, she is a liar. My husband ended up giving her over 500.00 throughout the month long affair. She tried to manipulate my husband by telling him she was pregnant! I just want people to know who she really is and that she cannot be trusted!

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