P is advertising on their website that they make jewelry with “color photo laser engraving”. Having worked in the industry before I knew that engraving is the process of removing material to create a graphic. Printing is the application of material to create a graphic. Laser engraving can only work with two colors and printing has full color capability. They advertising on their website is deceptive and I called their office to let them know it is against the law to advertise something the doesn’t exist. I talked two three people and they all claimed they had a patented process to color laser engrave. I explained that it was impossible to what they are claiming and he finally admitted they are color printing. I also explained that he has to change the wording on their website because the current wording is illegal. He asked me what I was going to do since they won’t change it. I explained I was going to earn as many people as possible that they are selling “unicorns” and will follow up with the NY state attorney general. Buyer beware.


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