Pima Medical Institute Complaint


As a current student of pima I am writting this because I dont believe in bullying students. There is a teacher at the aurora campus that continues to nit pick the student or students everyday for no good reason. This teacher her name is Ms. Vatina. she has many years in the medical field and does know her stuff however, she is very disrespectful to the students. We are students, we pay to come to this school, we pay your salary so if there were no students then no school. Pima needs to rethink some policies and rethink about who they hire to teach people. We are not kids and dont need to ask to go to the bathroom. Why go to this school if you get bullied by the teacher for asking a question. The teachers are not their to like you, and they dont have to but their does need to be professionalism established reguardless of your feelings for another student, faculty member, or co – worker. Completley unacceptable behavior. The specific studwnt will not report this either I dont believe they are lying because I have witnessed it first hand. I think that pima is missing the bottom line in running a businees and need to rethink their standards.

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