Piyah Martell – Sacramento, California California


She is a filthy whore. She takes advantage of people including taking their food and clothes, having her posse do her dirty work for her thus taking credit and she uses up the electricity and doesn’t pay rent at all. She also has two dogs she doesn’t take care thus allowing them the pee in the house and causing them to give her roommates pets fleas. She often refuses to replace the items she took and thinks she’s royalty. She also cheats on her boyfriends and very deceitful. She has also been exposed on YouTube as a cheater. She can’t even stay out of the relationship. She’s a chronic alcoholic, drug addict and a prostitute who sleeps with married men and is full of std’s. She’s also on SSI and uses it the buy drugs and shit she doesn’t need. She’s also homeless and lived on under a bridge until police arrested her for animal cruelty for kicking her former roommates pets. Her dogs were taken away. Lately, she been sneaking out of jail to try to make it look like she’s not incarcerated. She also slept with her roommates exes and gave them gonorrhea. She also doesn’t care about anyone but herself and thinks she’s entitled. She’s also a male and only dresses up like a woman so she could transition to female. She smokes weed and meth eight times a day and she’s irresponsible and untrustworthy. She gets hate mail all the time. She’s already wrecking her relationship with her current beau who works multiple jobs. She lies about everything and won’t own up to her wrongs. She also recently contributed to bunch of false accusations made towards someone she never met before and she doesn’t care. PIYAH MARTELL IS A CHEATER AND A LIAR WHO IS GREEDY AND SELFISH NOT TO MENTION UNHELPFUL AND LAZY! She just wants special treatment. Don’t give that to her. She doesn’t need to get special treatment.

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