Pizza Hut Cleveland Ohio


Complaint: Stopped at the Pizza Hut W 25th location in Cleveland, OH and informed the cashier that I was placing an order for a pizza to go. The cashier asked for my phone number starting with area code and a zip code, I replied with a “no thank you””.She said I cannot take your order without you phone number.The look on her face was priceless when I shrugged my shoulders and walked out the door.Took my rumbling belly & cash down the road to a new place in town call Happy’s Pizza. Great find! Food was excellent and all they asked for was my first name to tell me when my order was done. Thanks Pizza Hut for forcing me to broaden my choice of restaurants where cash is still king and privacy is honored.”

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 2075 W 25th cleveland, Ohio United States of America



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