PJ Kennels Southern Illinois


Complaint: Pat taylor at PJkennels sold us a sick Toy poodle. Not only was the dog bigger than we were told….he arrived with a fever, snotty nose, and a horrible hacking cough. Airlines personal witnessed this before we even removed him from the crate. We immediately went to the vet and he was given a shot and put on meds. He had a collaspable trachea as well and probably would have a lifetime of a hacking cough. Though Pat was nice and easy to work with we do not approve of receiving a sick puppy. I finally did get a email form her where she ADMITS she didn;t send us a perfectly healthy puppy. After even admitting I got a refund of what I paid for the puppy and I shipped the puppy back to her as soon as he was on meds for 5 days. I did not get my vet bill or shipping refunded therefore I had to eat 450 dollars. I just want to warn other families about this breeder! Who in their right minds admits to selling a sick dog let alone sells or ships one!

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Maysville, Oklahoma United States of America

Website: pjkennels.com/


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