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I sent for the entire ten seasons of Little House series DVDs. Planet DVD stated that these dvds were Brand new. I waited for the promised time of shipment which was nearly a month. Once they came there was chinese lettering all over the invoice and nothing useful in English. There was no way to contact the merchant accept via the original website. There was nothing to refer to a merchant and if so, it was in another language. From the first disc, there were problems… Many scratches, most of the dvd’s had frozen pixels and some did not work at all. They all seemed to be copies of copies and the quality was shotty to say the least. We also only recieved seasons 1-9 and Not the promised 10 seasons. All in all we paid $104.00, 84.95 for the set and 19.95 shipping. The numbers on the discs were ambiguous and there was no way of knowing which episode was first or second. There were some which played part of the way, but then would freeze and jam the player even to the point of having to unplug the player and pulling the dvd out. None of these things are worth even the amount we paid in shipping. I have contacted the service department about this matter and have yet to get either a call or an email. My next option is to try to do a chargeback. I hope it works.. Please do Yourself A Favor. Do Not Do Business With This Scam Company!

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