Planet Fulfillment Complaint


Both Companies Planet Fulfillment and Private label nutraceutical in Atlanta are owned and operated together. I ordered product in February 2015 It took 7 months to have my product delivered to Planet fulfillment from that order. During the period I was so frustrated I lost interest & hope. I had asked for a cancellation and return of funds and I was refused. I did not make ONE sale when product was shipped to Planet Fulfillment as I was so upset and disgusted with both above services that I closed down my website and asked for funds returned of $1250. from Planet fulfillment. This was over 2 months ago. I have emailed and called over 12 times to no avail sadly. Lost total $10, 000 of hard earned funds from my children. Shame on these people taking advantage. I do not have the funds to sue them unfortunately. However, I have learned a very important lesson of trust. Sad & Disturbed

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