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Complaint: I purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe 2004 from this dealership back in 3/2011. Had issues from the begining with the dealership. They had me come back multiple times to sign paperwork. Then I had issues with DMV for the entire year I owned the vehicle because the dealership typed my VIN number wrong on all the paperwork. The back tail lights were connected wrong so the bulbs kept blowing out. I took it to the dealership for them to fix and I still had to pay a $100 just from the look at the issue. After a year the fuel pump and other electrical issues started going wrong with vehicle so I decided it would be best to get rid of the vehicle. I went back the Planet Nissan hoping they would make a deal. They were not able to get into another vehicle at a price that was agreeable to me. They touted that if I was to do another trade with them they would apply my warranty cancellation refund to my new purchase ( which they advised me would be $600 to $700). That still wasnt enough to make the deal work so I went to another dealership down the street where I ended up purchasing a Honda Civic. Meanwhile I went back to Planet Nissan to see about getting my warranty cancellation refund. The Finance Manager I dont recall his name gave me the cancellation paper and said that I could fax it in myself and that the exteneded warranty division would mail me a check. I faxed the paperwork to the extended warranty division on 5/8 (as well mailed regular mail), 5/31, and again on 6/8. I spoke to several people at their extended division during the month of May and June. They too advised me that my refund would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 to $700. They told me that it would take approx 6 to 8 weeks to process my paperwork and to receive my refund. I received a call 6/28/12 from the extended warranty division advising all my paperwork was processed on 6/14/12 and that I needed to go back to dealership to pick up a check for $482. I said ok although I was told last before that a check would be mailed to me for at least $600. I called and faxed the dealership to make sure they were of aware of this and to advise them that I would be by the dealership after work on 6/28 at 5:30. I then got a call back from the finance manager Kam advising me that Ashley (accounts payable) would not have my check ready until 7/13/12 as she as 6 to 8 weeks to process it. Wait a minute? What are you kidding me is what I said. I also spoke to JD the Sales Manager who rudely kept interrupting me when I tried to explain to him what I had already been told and went thru with this process. He advised me that there was nothing he could do but pass along the message to accounting on 6/29/12 and that Ashely was right and their extended warranty division gave me miss information. I am extremely frustrated with this dealership and the nissan brand over all. All I want is my money back and yet I have been getting the run around for 2 months now. Is my $500 bucks that important the Planet Nissan? I have purchased 2 cars from this dealership and my mother, brother and sister have purchased several vehicles from them. After this experience I will never buy another car from Planet Nissan again and I am making it a point to tell as many people as I can to not do business with this dealership. Unless you want to ripped off and the runaround. Their service is the worst. Buyer BEWARE!! If you don’t go back and buy from them then they could careless about refunding you any money you are do.

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Address: 5850 centennial center boulevard las vegas, Nevada United States of America


Phone: 7028768000

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