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Complaint: I went to purchase 3 PLEX from this 3rd party player to player marketplace, and ATTEMPTED to pay using bitcoin, which they do indeed accept. However, with the recent flood in the blockchain/mempool transactions I cancelled the order after I had already made the bitcoin transaction. Granted, it had not been confirmed from ther miner network, but it was still in the midst of being pushed through. After I had managed to get the transaction of 0.112 bitcoin ($19-20) confirmed, I reached out to get a refund of the aforementioned bitcoins. Over a day later not one single response, with me providing ALL of the necessary documentation and screenshots of both the transaction Id, the block it was mined/confirmed in, the wallet addresses involved, and even a SIGNED receipt from my Ellectrum wallet. Do not ever buy from these people. They’ll just run off with your money. Below are the links to the TXid and Block. Txid: 6a92b3c996e7501f9189debd9f92d66583f8ad43163282e8341505f33357fa37 Block: #466456 My Wallet: 1HbHiedYSNFawivTfhBNhXfsNatXBxY4k5 Their Wallet: 36wMfAhbdWDCkzZwzVVn1s5iyi73bjicGU

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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