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Complaint: I have noticed a pattern using their services. Yes i know it is free service, but you can also pay for an upgraded service, which after i tell you about the free service, makes the paid service a ripoff! Censorship. Thats the main cause, i cannot express myself, i have to use different words. Ok, i get profanity is profanity, but it is part of our social life here in AMERICA! I state that in caps because this site is based out in Canada, so how do they know AMERICAN rights? Keep in mind they are using .com, not .ca, therefore it is an Ameircan commerical site! I am censored to thepoint of ewords that can be affiliated with sex, such as hook up, or get down, pants, yes it is ridiculous. With that said, the message will say it was sent, but it was never sent. Also have some experience where the message was sent, and it shows it was sent, but it was never sent to the girl. I know, because i asked numerous ones. I have to be a different person online to talk to these immature girsl, whereas in the sense of defeating the purpose of this online dating, then it is online sexing. Dating is what leads into relationships, and i have to lie right off the bat and be a different person, well if you don’t get my point, then yes, you, yourself are an idiot. Don’t know how else to relate it, except the fact any dating that happens is automatic fail! She is not what she thought i was, because now i am in public, with censorship, guess what seh is like, “This is not how you are online””! The other thing is pictures. Girls can post themselves in their bikinis

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: sport bras

Website: now that you have th imagine in your head. I cannot post a picture of myself in a bathings suit. In other words

Phone: bras

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