Podany’s Furniture Edina Minnesota Review


In 2007, my partner and I purchased in excess of $5,000 of office furniture from Podany’s in Minneapolis for our new law office – including two office chairs at $500.00 apiece. Within months, my office chair began to break down. First it began to lean to one side. Then the base cracked altogether. Eventually a leg broke off. nEach time, I sent it back for repairs. On one of those occasions, Podany’s held the chair for over three months – eventually acknowledging they had “lost it”” in the warehouse. After the third set of repairs

and nearly five months without the chair

I asked that it be replaced. Podany’s refused. nThe chair broke down two more times

on one of those occasions collapsing under me. I sent it back again on each occasion. On the fifth round (or sixth

I have lost track)

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