On or about October 10th 2015 I was introduced to Jeffrey Lustbader of Commercial Mortgage City and pof1.com as a source to secure a POF and Escrow Funds to complete a reorganization plan for a client in the Caribbean. Jeffrey assured me that this was his forte and he had completed many transactions of this nature.

Jeffrey Lustbader quoted pricing on $30,000,000 POF and a $10,000,000 for 3 day term escrow at $425,000 to which we informed him was no problem. We showed proof of ability and were sent sample documents outlining how the transaction was to take place. The docs were fairly basic and had no real substance behind them but Jeffrey told me these were just samples and the docs for our transaction would be much more specific.

Jeffrey then introduced us to his POF and Escrow funds “provider” Globus Capital Holdings located in Downey California but registred in Nevada. A check of the Nevada SOS revealed little other than that Globus was owned by a company called Novus LLC while Novus listed Globus as its owner. The globus holdings website website listed several companies owned by Globus as part of thier “holdings” These were primarily soccer related businesses and /or teams in South America with the lone US company being the LA Aztecs a soccer team defunct sine the 70″s.The links to all of these ‘holdings” led basically no where and no significant information exists to verify their validity

When questioned on these points Jeffrey claimed Globus was a private equity firm with the emphsis on private but assured me that the company was not only legit but in control of billions of dollars and did investments for Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim, He claimed the president Albertus Diaz whom he knew well was a lawyer his partner Santos Lozoya was a respected Real Estate Broker and that the entire firm was made up of licensed professionals. At first glance these things seemed to check out and as we were working agianst the clock I did not have time for extensive due diligence. Silll I decided in my clients my best interest to proceed slowly with a $2,000,000 escrow at a cost of $25,000 plus 1,500 for the Escrow Agent which we wired to Puissant Progression Group, Globus’s supposed paymaster who I later learned is owned by Globus

We had our attorneys draw up an escrow agreement and were informed the funds would be transferred forthwith to Newcomer Escrow in Tustin Ca. That evening October 12th I recieved from Albertus “Albert” Diaz an escrow letter from Newcomer Escrow claiming they were holding the $2,000,000. The Escrow letter was signed by Senior Escrow Agent Mirtys Rodriguez and Cheif Compliance Officer Tyrone Harris. We were drected to call either one of them directly rather than through the switchboard for faster verification. Later that day I received via email from Jeffrey Lustbader an EDI money transfer reciept auntorized by Santos Lozoya showing $2m sent into Newcomer with a receipt for check number 5077 signed and stamped by Mirtys Rodriguez.

As the discrepancy between check and wire was confusing I googled Mirtys Rodriguez and found that she had been involved in escrow impropriety and had been barred from employment in the industry, At this time i began to look closer at all the docs and noticed that on the initial sample docs a blacked out signature was that of Tyrone Harris signed as Managing Member of Globus. I called Jeffrey and was told he’d get back to me. In short order Jeffrey’s reply via email stated that Ms. Rodriguez had merely been suspended but had since had herc redentials reinstated and was “good to go” and that I must have read the blocked out signature wrong as Tyrone Harris worked for Newcomer not Globus. I was not buying this but as we had already submitted the docs our hands were tied,

Fast forward 33 days the legal entity holding our documants places a call into Newcomer Escrow through the switchboard and reach owner Christopher Newcomer on a recorded line, Mr Newcomer denies that he Escrow was ever held at his firm but remembers working on it but never receiving the funds to complete it. Upon hearing this recording I immedaitely place a call to Jeffrey to tell him the owner of Newcomer says the escrow was not real. Jeffrey becomes adamant that the Escrow was there but had expired 3 days prior so thats why it seemed that the escrow was never there. I inform Jeffrey that that excuse was ridiculous and an insut to my intelligence. A short time later Jeffrey emails me and says OH you didnt call the right escrow comapny we moved the funds to Aegis Escrow “dont you remember”. I informed him that no I dont remeber because the conversation never took place.

I began at this time to undertake serious due diligence and found some very disturbing facts that had I had time I would have found earilier.

1 Jeffrey Lustbader has currently been named a defendant in a fraud case for impropriety related to misuse of church finances for a church mortgage deal he was working on in Richmond Va. As to Lustbader this matter will be turned over the to the Florida OFR and to authorities in Richmond Va

2 An indepth background check on Albertus Diaz reveal that his entire resume was falsified including his educational background. he claimed to hold a masters,PHD and JD none of the schools he listed have a record of him attanding. In fact we could not even verify his name was real and tracked him back to a RE Scam at a company called AvanteGarde Horizons in 2009 where he possibly used the name Juan Demecio Jiminez. His linkedin page was changed from Albertus Diaz to Antonio Perez after I confronted him about the false escrow wherin he called me a bitch and threatened to fly to where i am and straighten me out. His linkedin, websites and facebook have all mysteriously been taken offline in the past 72 hours. We will be speaking with the Downey Police regarding Diaz today.

3 Santos Lozoya was convicted of Escrow Fraud sometime in 2010 and his real estate brokers license was revoked. As to Lozoya this matter will be turned over to the LAPD

4 Mirtys Rodriguez was barred from working in the Escrow Industry by the California Department of Business Oversight in 2014 her license has not yet been reinstated as purported by Lustbader. This matter will be turned over to the CDBO for further investigation.

5 Christopher Newcomer claims the escrow letter we held from his company is fradulent yet took the call and although he did not verify the escrow, Jeffrey Lustbader emailed me within hours to inform me someone had called to check on the escrow and that it had expired so we were not to call back. Mr Newcomer strongly protests that his company was anyway invloved in any impropriety yet cannot explain why someone in his office would call the people he claims forged an escrow letter to tip them off that someone was inquiring. He points the finger at Tyrone Harris whom he initially claimed on a he did not even know then backtrcked to say that although Mr Harris does not work for him he does do business with him.

6 Newcomer, Harris and Rodriguez all point fingers at Globus and Lustbader claiming they forged documents and signatures without thier knowledge yet all are listed on the letter with thier correct phone numbers, Tyrone Harris signature appears on Globus docs as their managing partner and as Cheif Compliance Officer for Newcomer. None can explain why a scammer would forge their signatures yet provide their correct phone numbers. Harris and Rodriguez are friends on facebook and give 5 star reviews to each others companies.

Although some of the people here may not have benefitted financially it is apparent they are willing to look the other way or simply do not care.

Jeffrey Lustbader has since claimed that he was simply a broker in the transaction who got paid to do good legitimate business but in truth Jeffrey was the driving force in this transaction claiming to know the Globus guys for years and having done dozens of deals with them. He backed up every lie they told and rebutted every concern i rasied. He received commission gained from money stolen with his knowledge for his personal gain. I demand Full Refund. Stay away

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