Pool Guy Supply, Inc San Francisco California Review


Pool Guy Supply (PoolGuySupply) is a Fraud – www.poolguysupply.com/ Please stay away from them at all costs. This company sold me a fake chlorine salt generator. I contacted them to have the issue resolved. They were very deceptive, rude, and belligerent. They not only lack the decency to not sell you a fake part, but are also rude about it. If you are reading this. Please, I urge you to stay away from them. You will be defrauded if you order from them. I am not the only one that has been defrauded by them. Take a look at the hidden reviews they have on yelp:yelp.com ot_recommended_reviews/7xFqpr4bKrpYEtUd_O_8jw Again – stay away from Pool Guy Supply (PoolGuySupply). In case they try to change the company name to continue to defraud people, the owners of Pool Guy Supply are: Bob Saedi, Brandon Saedi, Thomas Saedi.

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