Portland State University Review


There are many professors at this school that are very vested in their careers, and the top management of the school has in the past few years I’ve been here, has been putting a financial choke hold on anyone below the top level of administration, and the attitude of the professors are reflected in the reality that they struggle to make their mortgage payments even on tenure. Classes are not approved by these department heads based on a sufficient understanding of the material to be taught (this is likely more more relevant to those at the graduate level, where a great deal of ‘outward branching’ in learning is natural to success..I assure you I’m not making this up). | Essentially, the financial flow has gotten so cut off due to the overwhelming greed of the top levels of administration, that quite a few departments cannot function adequately, in a basic sense. Courses are approved or rejected based financial numbers as first and last cause, therefore it is an well-established institution of exploitation, principally and actually contributing a negative effect to national security. I sense for undergraduate students, their education to be mal-adjusted to the work environment, and it will be discovered much of their time was wasted on subjects they were persented and accepted on trust, as to their necessity, their egregiously expensive nature. PLEASE BE AWARE, THERE ARE PROFESSORS IN THE [COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT] THAT DO NOT HAVE YOUR INTERESTS AT HEART, AND WILL DIRECTLY ACT TO HARM YOUR CAREER BASED ON REASONING THAT REFUSES TO EVEN SPEAK, I HAVE GOTTEN SILENCE IN RESPONSE TO MY DIRECT CONFRONTATION. I think got that professor suspended, however I have yet to receive an apology. I have had my confidentiality agreement broken by academic advisers…they are partially there there to frighten you into believing you have no power over what professors do to you (assumed a natural, organically justified attitude towards the ‘big bad world’), and they justify this based misunderstanding of the differences in conduct between adults and children. If you want to teach at this school, I earnest warn you to be aware that general politics can get you fired. It is not a safe work space, and there are many real hazards to human safety around campus that rather secondarily highlight the administrative dysfunction. The general sene I got was that the faculty are generally in a antagonistic work environment (beneith the surface, less so in some cases), and themselves feel threated by the administration, and at times cannot protect their department from ignorant indivudals who have reciently stepped into power. It is quite a trip to see actually ditingished professsors explain this, and helps me understand why they look depleted in spirit, on average or whatever, but don’t take my word for it. | It is common knowledge that PSU as an institution is an enemy of the people. You can get involved in local activism, (green-space)….the sad news is that it appears many are unable to mobilize to avoid exploitation of their future, due to constraints that exist to those without disposable income. However, our voices can be heard, and the internet hopefully will continue to bring sound reports on dangerous or harmful products unleashed on an ill-advisadily trusting public. The world never got to be a better place because people acted in a non-awkward, “socially acceptable” manner, it has only changed due to the great forces applied by people (ie general laborers), to force individuals in power to cease damage to the shared economic space they operate within. This struggle is alive today, though clearly the existence of the ‘weekend’ is evidence that conditions now are much better than they were then, now we can engage politics and maintain a consciousness of personal safety.


  • Name: Portland State University
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oregon
  • City: Portland
  • Address: 1825 SW Broadway
  • Phone: 1-503-725-3000
  • Website: www.pdx.edu/

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