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Seller, Dena Spadafora at 64960 Liberty Trail, North Liberty IN 46554-9349.is a lying cheating thief and Poshmark did nothing to rectify the situation – CUSTOMERS BEWARE, if you get item that is not as advertised Poshmark will NOT help you and you will get SCREWED! I expressly asked about the color of a pair of boots before ordering as they are a tricky color to photograph. When the boots came, they were not the color advertised nor the color the seller said they were and neither the seller or the crappy Poshmark site would do ANYTHING to make the situation right. I was told they were more green than turquoise.I sent them a photo of the turquoise boots next to a garment that is actually green They (Poshmark) are High volume and evidently do not care about customer satisfaction

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