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Selling Adulterated Products to Customers

PotNetwork Holdings Inc is a terrible company to work with. They donít respect their partners and they certainly donít care about them either. My brother has worked with them for quite some time and his experience has been awful. They donít respond promptly to any enquiries or messages. The people at PotNetwork Holdings are also irresponsible and they only care about their own interests. If you choose to invest with them or work with them youíre on your own. Because those guys will do anything to fill their pockets.†

The people at this company behave very rudely with their clients and lack any decency whatsoever. They would argue with you if you point out their errors and wouldnít take any responsibility for their poor products. All of the products they offer to their clients are of horrible quality. My brotherís business has been suffering heavily ever since he started selling their products. Before that, his business was fine and was attracting many repeat customers. But now, most of his customers blame him for the terrible products of PotNetwork Holdings. 

His other products are selling fine, so itís not like his business is doing something wrong marketing-wise. So itís obvious that the only thing wrong there is the products of PotNetwork Holdings Inc. Itís not like he doesnít tell those people about the customer complaints he receives. But those guys donít listen. He has sent the complaints he receives to PotNetwork Holdings and their subsidiaries, but they donít acknowledge them.†

Itís clear that working with those guys is a mistake. Customers complain that the CBD products are adulterated. In other words, the quality of their products is so pathetic and that customers donít trust their authenticity. 

Numerous Customer Complaints

My brother has received many complaints from his customers for the terrible products of PotNetwork Holdings. Like I said, he has shared these complaints with those guys several times, but they donít respond. They are too busy scamming other businesses. Iím sharing some of the customer complaints here so you can see how poor their products truly are. 

It doesnít work

I have been using Relax Extreme CBD for a week now and it doesnít work! I thought the dosage must have been weak so I increased it but it had no results. For the price point, it is the worst CBD product I have used. They say you only need to use one drop to feel something, but it doesnít do anything for me even with several drops.†

This complaint was from one of the most reliable customers. So my brother was very disappointed when he heard them say this. They are very open about their opinions and my brother had to apologize on Relaxís behalf. 

Waste of money

I spent $XXX on Relax products and I gotta say, it was a waste. You donít feel much after using these products. I shared it with my friends to see if the issue was in the stuff or in me and they told me that it was horrible. I donít want to buy any more of these products. My friends wonít be buying any Relax products too.

Basically this customer hated the product. They complained about it to my brother who said that he canít do anything about it. Imagine the position my brother mustíve been at the time. 

Made me sick

This customer had bought a Relax CBD product and because of that, fell ill. They had to go to the hospital because of the terrible quality of Relax CBD. This person knew my brother so when they got hospitalized my brother got very upset. He had complained about this incident with PotNetwork and Relax, but it was a fruitless effort. They sent him an automated response and ignored his complaints.

Give me a refund!!

I want you to issue me a full refund for my purchase of Relax Extreme CBD on XX-XX. It was a complete waste of my money. I have been scammed. This stuff doesnít do anything and itís obvious that itís fake.

Several customers have demanded a refund for their Relax purchases. Relax is a brand of PotNetwork Holdings and all of their CBD products fall under it. My brother has a strict no-refunds policy at his place but the poor quality of these products have put him in a complicated position multiple times. 

There are many other complaints. My brother has shared all of these complaints with those people before, but like I said, they donít respond. The representative he talks to always gives him some vague excuse for not responding to these complaints. But itís obvious to my brother that PotNetwork Holdings doesnít care even a tad bit about the customers. The number of complaints he has received for these products is too high for any business. It has affected his business severely. 

PotNetwork Holdings Inc’s Products Damage Your Business

Selling their products can result in you losing your repeat customers. At least that’s what happened with my brother who lost several repeat customers because he started selling PotNetwork products. All of those customers started avoiding his place because of the experience they had with these products. And you know how repeat customers are. 

Those who complained about the products advised my brother to stop keeping these products. However, the salespeople at PotNetwork Holdings have already got him in a long contract. He made a huge mistake by buying from those people. They are snakes who deceive small businesses into buying their terrible products. PotNetwork Holdings is probably the worst company my brother has ever worked with. He has been in the industry for several years and has never received so many complaints before. 

So, if youíre planning to sell CBD products, just keep in mind to avoid PotNetwork Holdings. Their products are either adulterated, or are too poor in quality. Otherwise, so many people wouldnít be complaining about their quality. Their horrible products might cause you to lose a lot of business. And thatís the worst thing that can happen. Not only that, their products also affect your businessís reputation. Iím telling you all this after suffering the consequences of selling these horrible products.†

PotNetwork Holdings Inc is Irresponsible!

Probably the worst aspect of it all is how PotNetwork Holdings Inc handles these things. Those people donít respond to any customer complaints. When my brother started selling their products, he had no idea that his experience would be so awful. He had shared the complaints he received quickly but he never got a proper response from these guys.†

The representative from Relax tells him that she has relayed his message to the management. But itís obvious that she is lying all the time.  She doesnít send even an ĎAí to the upper management. And I know why she lies to my brother. Her superiors must have told her to give this response whenever an associate presents a customer complaint. 

They must have received many complaints from their associates and this is how they choose to react. In my opinion, itís the most unprofessional way of handling customer complaints. They couldíve focused on improving their products, and wouldíve assured their partners that they would work on these issues. But no, they donít accept any criticism. 

This is the biggest reason why I donít recommend doing business with these people. 

Donít Do Business with PotNetwork Holdings Inc

Doing business with PotNetwork Holdings Inc can be the worst decision you make for your business. My brotherís business has suffered heavily because of the horrible products these people sell. I wouldnít advise anyone to sell Relax CBD products. You can find many other CBD products to sell.†

I wouldnít even recommend contacting these people in the first place. Thatís because the salespeople of this company are very aggressive and persuasive. They will convince you into buying from them through fake testimonials and promises. In the end, youíd be the one facing the losses buying from PotNetwork Holdings Inc. If any of your friends or relatives are planning to sell CBD products, make sure to alert them too! They deserve to know about this scam.†

Their horrible products might cause you to lose a lot of business. Not only that, their products can affect your business’s reputation too.

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