Powerland IIndustries Sparta New Jersey Review


I bought the 10, 000 watt tri fuel generator in January 2013 but did not try to use it until August when I finally had my house rewired. To my surprise the gasoline leaked out of the motor all over the floor. When I called for service, I was told there was only a month return policy and no place to have it serviced but the warranty would enable me to get parts for a year so they sent me a new carburetor with no directions on how to install it. They said I should call customer service and then they would tell me what to do. The part they sent was buried in the machine and frankly I am not mechanically inclined so I called several small engine repair shops in my areas to see if they could do it for me at my expense. I was told they only work on major brand generators so now I am stuck with a $1200 generator which the company takes no responsibility for. Frankly, I never received a copy of the warranty and never heard of a warranty that only covered parts for a year and not labor. Nor does Powerland seem to have any support services for repair so if you are not mechanically inclined this is not the machine for you. I am very disapointed and frustrated not knowing what to do next. Apparently they never ran the engine before it left the factory’ I called my credit card company and they said unless there wasa written warranty which covered service there was nothing they could do

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