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A door to door salesman from PowerLutions Solar convinced me to buy panels from them. He told me all about the financial and ethical benefits of going green. He claimed I would be saving thousands of dollars every year on electricity and then some. All the while helping the earth become healthier. He was successful in his sales pitch and I agreed to get panels installed in my house. I have a medium sized house with 3 bedrooms and a pool. The electricity requirements high at my place. The sales man knew this and even then he made the claim that I won’t be getting any electricity bill. Well, it was a big fat lie.

Three months after the solar installation, the performance of the panels dropped drastically. The bill jumped to ~$250 from the usual ~$100, which was a big jump. I tried getting through to the supervisor, but the customer support guy wouldn’t let me talk to him. They would keep me on hold for up to 20 minutes at a time. Meanwhile the bills kept piling up. After 4 DAYS of trying, I finally got through and talked to the main supervisor. He told me that they would sent someone to check out the issue. The call happened 2 months ago and no one has come to check out the panels.

I recently asked a 3rd party technician to take a look at the system and give his opinion. PowerLutions Solar have sold me low-grade panels with inefficient energy generation capacity. He told me these panels are the worst he has ever seen. I was left in shock. I’m stuck in a contract with them and can’t even get out of it.

The company is obviously never going to send a technician of their own. I feel scammed. I am now paying TWO BILLS. One of the solar panel lease, and the other of the electricity bill. Please do not be fooled by the fraud claims of their salesmen, this company is only ripping people off. I made a mistake of trusting them and entering a contract. Something I don’t understand is how the hell do they have so many excellent reviews online. I don’t know what else to do. This should not happen to anyone.

This company is only out there to make a quick buck. Avoid them at all costs!

PowerLutions Solar Website
PowerLutions Solar Website
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