Powersportmax ELK GROVE California Review


Hi, I bought a hoverboard for my 8 year old son as a Santa gift and to be honest when I purchased it online it all went well and I got the item fast and it all looked good till, on the third day he had it he went to plug it in to charge it and one of the prongs bent hit the other prong and there was a sparke from the borad that even hit my son and made him bleed. So I called the place I got it to get info and when I called the phone would just cut out or I would get there are to many callers and a voice recoreding told me to go to the website to place an order, email or call back and it hung up on me. So I emailed and got no responce for a couple of days and when they did they had questions so I answered them and again no responce. Then I called and talked to someone (after trying serveral time before getting a person and not getting the recording) and all I got was attatued and was told I need to email so i did.could not find a place to fix, so I sent back to them again to tel them know this and again no responce and I tryed called for 3 days till I finally got a person and again I was asked to email. The email that I got said that they would give me a 10.00 credit to get it fixed locally. So I did a whole day of serching and (saying that I know I need the charger port and I youtube and feel I can fix it myself if they send me the part) and waited for another couple of day and all I got was we do not have that part. Again I emailed and called and emailed and called and no responce. At this point I am goign to the next level adn seeing to I ca get a monger or owner but I was told there is no one at the office like that so I am erserching the internet to see what I can find. I am at a loss and I am hoping that with ever post I do I can save one more person from going throught what I am right now. in the mean time my son is crying everday that he does not have his new favorite toy to play with. I hope you get good info from this and choose a much better company then the following: – powersportmax -Bikes 2 Go – bikes2go.com – powersports deeal, inc Sincerely, Tonya

El Monte, California United States



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