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Complaint: I was convinced to contract with this company after the sales rep guaranteed me that the leads they would provide me would produce some people interested in purchasing life Insurance. The first 16 leads werenu2019t even phone numbers that I could verify that people own. I told my rep that I wasnu2019t happy with the leads and he told me that they would change the filters to improve the sources and quality of leads. WAS I not getting leads from them? Just a question I was thinking but I said ok great but what happen was I got more of the same kind of crappy leads. Oh and donu2019t let them convince you about the crediting system being fair because what will happen is once you get to a certain amount of returns they will deny them and indicate that you are over your limit. It doesnu2019t mattering that the phone number was disconnected.. I am sorry to say that I did not do my research on this company before I bought the leads so I got stuck with about 22 names and numbers for 300 dollars that were either disconnected phone numbers, people not interested in life insurance, or would never answer their phone if it was in fact owned by a person. Oh and if you are reading this one of their lines they will use on you is you canu2019t believe everything you read on the Web. I even try to get back some of my unused money saying to them ok just give me back the 178 dollars left and I will just eat the 122 dollars and the answer was no sorry that your unsatisfied with the leads but you signed the contract. This happen in a 10 day to a two week period of time if I would have even got ONE customer out of this I would have said well that is just the way it goes but NOT even ONE. So here I am typing this out to warn others that you might not risk the same fate. Oh and if you think youu2019re going to dispute it on the credit card you are mistaken again the credit card companies will not stand behind you.. Especially Bank of America which I have been a long time customer. The funny thing was I told the rep for Precise leads that I would just dispute it on the credit card and he SAID and I quote, u201c I have been through this many times before and youu2019re not going to get your money backu201d and BY George he was RIGHT.. SO BEWARE before you deal with this company the same might happen to you.. Disclaimer this is my personal OPINION of the truthu2026

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Address: Headquarters 11 Times Square 10th Floor New York , New York USA


Phone: (646) 649-9900

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