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Complaint: Dealing with city traffic just to be suspiciously looked at (not greeted, mind you) by a mechanic that lets you know you’re more trouble than you’re worth with their ‘giva d**n’ attitude is not my favorite thing. But evryone has bad days and i needed my car maintenanced before an eight hour trip to Florida. I’ll give them this: it was only two hours later that the car was ready to be picked up and the price was lower than the cost of doing it myself. An oil change, tire rotation…..basic tune up. I take part of the responsibiliy since I ignored that all the employees seemed to have been hired because they watch NASCAR, but at least that would mean they know that tires must be put back on with all the lugs! First, we checked the oil. Not quite enough, but no biggy – i always have a quart or two in the trunk. Second, look at the engine… i guess it was a new air filter. Then the next day we’re almost out of town and we hear a clunking noise in the tire. I pull over, pull the cap off of one of the rims, and there lie two lugs. Just chillin’! The other two were loose. On all four tires, every lugs could be turned with the fingers….as long as it wasn’t already lying in the rim. Luckily it caused no damage because we only drove ten minutes and heard it at a stop light, but it could have been a disaster. I tightened all the lugs the old fashion way and they’ve been good since. It’s hard to prove something like that because you have to fix it before it gets any worse. Hopefully, though, this prevents someones else from giving Precision Tune a safe car and getting a dangerous one back. Frank Pope AFB, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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Address: 3104 Raeford Rd Fayetteville, North Carolina U.S.A.


Phone: 910-483-8863

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