Preferred Club Car Wash/LCI Camarillo California


Complaint: We had a membership with Preferred Club to get my wifes brand new car washed. It was 34.99 dollars a month. We decided that we no longer wanted the service since every time we had the car washed there, we had to touch up the cleaning, or re vacuum the interior, or etc. They didnt wash the car well. A friend of our’s who had there car washed there also had there car rear ended in the wash tunnel, but didnt notice it until they got home, and of course the car wash claimed no responsibility. Understandable, however before something happened to us we wanted out. My wife contacted them at there 800 number on September 12, 2006. They said that all she had to do was send an email to them and they would cancel her wash account. She typed in the email address as they told it to her over the phone, explained the situation and sent the email. On September 28, they charged our bank card anyway, and we had less than the 34.99 in the bank at the time, so we incurred an overdraft fee. So, now we are out 54.99. I called them, and emailed them after it happened, and nobody bothered to respond to me until this Monday. I was at work, and missed the call. I finally got in touch with somebody today, Wed. Oct 4, and was told that she sent the email to the wrong address, and that they would not refund any of the money they charged us for, or the overdraft fee. They said it was our fault that the email went to the wrong address, even though she typed it in as it was being told to her over the phone. the email is and they told her They basically said oh well, we arent giving your money back, so dont bother calling us about it, but we will cancel your membership. All we want is our money back. It was their representative that gave my wife the email address. I was sitting here when she talked to them and she clearly asked about the spelling of everything after the @ sign in the address, and she entered it as she was told. I believe they do this on purpose so that they can charge the extra months fees and have a built in excuse to not pay them back. A rip-off in the truest form of the phrase. Jamie Camarillo, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Phone: 800-733-3691

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