Premier Care Oskaloosa Iowa Review


In March of 2009, I bought a tub from Premier Bathtub. The salesman came to my house and in front of two witnesses assured me that the tub he was selling me was two inches wider inside and the same width outside compared to my present tub. I’m in a wheelchair and needed a wider tub because I’ve gained weight. The salesman, Byren Breffle, knew this was the only reason I was buying the tub and deliberately lied to me to make a sale. Hed measured my tub and knew the dimensions of his. As it turned out, Premiers tub was the same inside, which gave me nothing, and an inch narrower than my present tub making a room remodel necessary to install their tub. I had my old tub removed and the people doing it measured Premiers tub and found out the difference. I contacted who I could and the upshot was that Premier called and offered to kindly give me 1/2 of my money back. They offered to give all my money back if I sent papers from the sale and removal of my tub. I did and, of course, they didnt. On reflection, I should have taken this and still filed a lawsuit but I didn’t. I thought they might find some integrity. I talked to a former salesman from Premier and was told this is standard practice for them. Make the sale at any cost and if there’s consequences, deal with them later. Premier sent a rep out here to check into it. He told them my old tub had never been removed. I have receipts and the men who did it that say differently. I was told that I had to appear in South Daytona, by them, to sue and try to get my money back, which because of medical conditions from a stroke, Im unable to do. For two years, they have steadfastly refused to return the money that they knowingly, I feel, stole from me. I cant believe theyre allowed to do business anywhere. My suspicion is that they pay off the right people. Business the Chicago way. They now offered me my money but I have to sign a release for them absolving them of any wrongdoing, which I wont do. I’ve finally given up on getting Premier to do the right thing, it’s clear they have no intention of doing so. I’ve seen no evidence that anyone at Premier knows what ” the right thing “” means. Everyone I dealt with at Premier was either a fraud

a liar

or someone I wouldn’t want to associate with. If someone you care about is looking for a walk in tub

for their sake

recommend they look elsewhere. Their attitude from the beginning was “” f### you

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