Premiere Van Lines, Inc. Dubuque Iowa Review


Contacted them to move my apartment from Indiana to Iowa. Gave me a quote of $975, which included a month’s free storage. Gave them detailed information on what was to be moved. They came (late) on the day promised and said the price would be at least double that (although the quote was supposedly “guaranteed””)

and sent only one guy to pack up stuff – and who was delayed further because he locked himself out of his truck. Came the next day and we had to haggle on getting the price to a level I could afford

and paid by check before he would start (which is fair enough). Packing included fragile items like the glass lampshades on two floor lamps. Finally got as much as I could afford loaded on the truck (and a lot more stuff I had to have thrown away because I had to be at my new job ASAP). They were almost impossible to contact after they picked up my stuff. I wrote e-Mails

left messages

and they didn’t get back to me. I informed them of my move date (just under a month after the pickup date) and new location

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