Premium Nutraceuticals Mt Juliet Tennessee Review


Caution For Erectile Disfunction Suppliment users. A pop up ad offered me a sample of Vydox male inhancement suppliment. The product may be great, I haven’t used it yet. You will pay for shipping only$4.95 but 14 days later get a bill for a 30 day pack which takes 30 days to begin its effectiveness. Of course there is no way you know if the trial is working in 30 days before you start getting billed. You will continue to be billed 70.99 per month for auto ship. They have no disclaimer in the ads and terms and conditioned are not listed except in small print at the bottom of the page which is not on the order page. You may be lead to think terms and conditions are relating to the shipping charge but this is elusive and deceptive. This company is no diferent than “Extends”” or other marketing companies praying on mens lack of confidence when it comes to the bedroom. Read all terms and conditions on any product when ordering off the internet is the best advice. This company is located in Georgia. Premium Nutraceuticals4816 Technology Dr Martinez

GA 30907″

4816 Technology Dr Martinez, , Georgia USA

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