Pretty Girl Collections Review


I got a comment on one of my pictures on Instagram. It was from the company, and they said they wanted me to message them because they had an offer for me. I did so and they asked for my email to further discuss. I checked my emails, and they invited me into their brand ambassador program. They wanted me to post a picture wearing their jewelry to help promote their page. The only stipulation was that I needed to buy a necklace from their website, using the ‘brand ambassador’ discount. I agreed and spent $61.91 through Paypal on a necklace on May 22nd. I was corresponding with the manager via email still, and she was getting back to me fairly quickly-about every 10 minutes. She told me that it would take up to 6 weeks to make the necklace and that I should email them for any updates. I waited until mid-July to email them because it was past the 6-week mark at that point. I got one reply asking what my order number was, and when I told her she stopped answering altogether. It is now July 27th, and I’ve messaged her through Instagram, text, and email multiple times. She’s now completely ignoring me and I can see that she’s still active on Instagram. I never got my money back.

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