PriceWise Plumbing Howe Texas Review


Contracted this business to install 2 new high efficiency AC and Heat units, a Whole Home Sediment Filtration system, a Whole Home Water Softener system, a propane Tankless Water Heater, and to complete all plumbing required for a huge home remodel. The filtration system was non-operational and never turned on. After a state inspector visit, the business owner finally came back out and stated he had it operational. The first time he said it, we had no water coming out anywhere. He then spent more time on it and stated he had switched it one switch too far and now it was okay. Black gue came out of our faucets. He stated to turn on all of our faucets to flush out the lines and then everything would be okay. He then left. After further inspection by me, I found that he had plumbed the systems backwards, and the black gue was from him flushing all of the gunk from the filter into our whole home’s plumbing system, into the drinking water, the bath water, our appliances, etc. This is a great health concern, safety, and damaging to all appliances. I contacted him and he said that he had to contact American Plumber to see how to install them, as he did not have the answer. I asked him to remove the systems and provide a refund. He at first agreed and then changed his mind the same day. I had the manufacturer then agree to take them back, but required that I go through the plumber, which he refused to do. In addition to this one main issue, I want to share the following to demonstrate the poor quality of work and dangerous effects of his work that were performed: He installed a propane heater incorrectly and caused a significant long term propane leak in our attic, that he finally corrected. He had to correct the installation of the AC units, as he did not have enough returns, causing a compressor to become damaged. He stated he would replace it, but then never did. He caused a propane leak in our kitchen from a valve replacement that he had to do. It leaked for a full day and then he came back to fix it. It leaked overnight and we could have all in the house had serious problems. He installed the $2,000 tankless water heater incorrectly, causing it to need to be replaced, which the manufacturer did under warranty, but didn’t have to. Prior to that, it had a propane leak into our garage that he could never resolve. He plumbed water backwards in an upstairs bathroom causing water to flow and completely damaging the downstairs kitchen ceiling. He plumbed cold water into the hot water loop, leaving us without hot water until he could figure it out. He left large holes in sheetrock that he beat out with a hammer. He cut into floor I-Beams with large holes and then didnt use them. Cut a large one right under a cast iron tub support. He used our tools and damaged them. The main issue I am complaining about at this time is the filtration system, as all of the other issues have now passed, but the filtration issue is still in my garage and I would like to have the refund of $2,000 and these removed.

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