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Received an email from SEO telling me how great PrimeCorporate Serviceswere Nd said I should contact them. I dI’d research them but at the time, they seemed legit. A man called Matt hill contacted me and said that I qualified to join SEO after telling him my qualifications. I asked if it was going to cost a lot of. Only and he said no! How gullible was I? He asked how much I had left on my credit card? I told him my limit and said that I would have to invest the whole amount of 3000.00 into the business. But promised me that I would make that kind of money within a month of trading! It sounds great, but don’t be fooled! Of course he told me the line of how great it would be being part of the company and how I would grow. I did say that I couldn’t afford to full the amount so he said that he would take 2000.00 and pay the outstanding fee of 1250.00 by direct debit at a rate of 32% per calendar year. he insisted that I paid the full amount as this would entitle me to free technical support training to get my business up and running. He suddenly the rushed me through to his PA who explained that I would need to complete an e-sign form. Within a couple of minutes, I received that form. She then rang me back and urged me to sign the form immediately to get me started and to book me in with the training department. she said that if I wasn’t satisfied after 3days I could request a refund. I started to smell a rat and after speaking with financial adviser here in the UK he advised me immediately to get a full refund. when I contacted matt via email and explained my change he became very aggressive and refused me a refunD. He did however pursued me to carry on with the program. i developed stress and worry afterwards which made me very poorly but yet the training team still rang despite my concerns. The training schedule was pretty intense considering I wasn’t interested. I started to smell a rat when the training told me that I would have sell something on eBay for 1000.00. I said I didn’t have anything worth that amount of money at home. He suggested that i went out and bought something expensive and then sell it twice aa much on the Internet. I contacted matt and said I didn’t want to be apart of prime locations anymore to which he became violent and abusive over the phone despite me telling him that I was extremely poorly as a result of this erroR. He wasn’t bothered in the slightest. here in the UK, if you are not happy with money transaction you have 14 days to request refund. at the time I wasn’t in debt but I sure am now! I have tried o several occasions to get a refund but I have been denied 3times despite telling them that I have become seriously ill because of the worry and pain that they have caused my family, i would like like compensation for the agrevation that they have caused me and my family. .

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