Prime Quality Training Review


I was contracted by Prime Quality in April 2017 to run a training course for them in Lusaka in Zambia from 10th to 12th May 207. | I ran the course for them and it was successful. It took me three days to get there and return home so that was a total of 6 days of my time that I devoted to this company. | Our contract stipulate the fee to be paid and a late payment fee should their payment to me be delayed for any reason. | They have paid me nothing: not one penny. As with all thieves in this situation, they rely on being remote and they are cowards: I have only ever dealt with an operations trainee and she has no idea how to try to help me. | They sent someone called Steve to help me in Zambia and I assume he is part of the management set up that robs people like me of their money. | A friend of mine worked for this company at about the same time as I did and he has not been paid either.


  • Name: Prime Quality Training
  • Country: Singapore
  • State:
  • City: Alexandra Rd
  • Address: Level 26, PSA Building, 460
  • Phone: 65 3159 1297
  • Website:

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