Prime Vacations International llc Sunrise FL Review


Responded to an offer for Vacation discounts all over the world – went and heard the presentation and decided to purchase the program – found out after that all the so-called ‘free promotions’ were handled by a ‘fulfillment company’ that did not allow any of these discounts to be used (blackout dates – prepaid charges not previously disclosed) NUMEROUS calls ignored by the sales rep (once the sale was closed, he took 1 call and then nothing…) all I got from this company was continual hounding to pay off my membership, to the popint that I had to tell them to stop calling me as they were a;ready deducting the charges from my credit card – we used the program once (and could have gotten an equal or better deal through travelocity…) filed complaint with the BBB and got shot down – filed a complaint with the DBPR and got shot down – filed a complaint with the State DOA for Consumer Affairs (we are seniors…) and were told they do not do mediation… And now, this…

1000 5th Street Suite 200-X3 Miami Beach, FL United States

1-858-622-2904 and 305-40

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