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On October 31st, 2008 I received a letter by mail that I was a winner of Mega Millions/PCH drawn on September 26th 2008. A check had been enclosed with the letter in the amount $2950.00. The check was drawn on the Amercian Standard company loaced in New Jersey, the bank was Chase and the account was located in Delaware. Everything checked out as to American Standard’s address and the Chase Bank account located in Delaware. nThe problem I felt why would PCH(Publisher’s Clearing House) send a check drawn against American Standard. Well, the confirmation letter had a heading which showed it was from Prize America located in Niagra Falls, New York. The phone number given was for customer service 1-514-638-8731. The letter explained we won a $45,000 prize and the check enclosed was a partial payment. The reamining funds were in an escrow account. The letter at the bottom of the letter that prize is safe and secure: It says’Prize America, Financial is supported by the full authority and jusrisdiction of the U.S. Government. The letter and check appeared to be authentic. nOK, I called Prize America, and supposedly was told that the person’s name at Prize America was Linda Smith. Even the receptionist anwered the phone Prize America. I spoke to Linda Smith, the alleged accounts manager of Prize America. Ms. Smith inquired about the claim number to confirm the name and address was valid. When asked about the check received and why was American Standard’s name was the payee, Ms. Smith informed me that American Standard was the sponsor of the PCH promotion. Ms. Smith said the check is good and can be deposited and should take at least 2 days to clear since it is out of state. nI deposited the check in my checking account, but felt suspicious about this whole story. I went home and contacted the American Standard Company the payee on the check and spoke to thier legal department. I was informed that American Standard has not promoted any game with PCH as to the company information. The check apparently was on a checking account of American Standard but I was advised that it would have bounced. nAfter finding out the check would bounce I went back to my bank and explained I wanted the check removed for deposit, in fear that I would be charged with bank charges if the check was returned. The bank confiscated the check, but reversed the deposit, and also the letter I received from Prize America. Of course, my bank provided me with copies of all. nBanking personnel advised me that the check’s funds would have been released to my account by Saturday, which in turn this Prize America would have asked me to send them cash for the same amount by Western Union or other cash wired service prior to the release of the $45,000. Thus the wired funds to Prize America would have been in cash and very difficult to track and authenticate the receiver of the said funds. Also, the american Standard check would have bounced eventually and the funds withdrawn from my bank account. In turn I would never receive any of the $45,000 prize that I was told in the letter that I won. That I would be scammed out of over $2,000 by Prize America. nIf you receive any check by mail that claims that this is either in full or partial payment of sweepstakes win, you can always check out if the check is real by contacting the Maker on the check or the Company the check is drawn on to make sure it’s the real thing. Oh, yes, I had contacted PCH and advised them of such winnings no one has contacted from Publishers Clearing House to either deny or confirm this letter. That is also suspicious, maybe it’s an inside job, that someone inside PCH is getting paid for selling customers names and addresses to Prize America. nOh, yes the name of the Prize America Vice President is given as Frank Thomas. Who knows if this if True or False. It could be an account manager at PCH. nLolanNew York, New YorkU.S.A.

106-49 Lockport Rd. Niagra Falls, New York U.S.A.


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